Revolutionizing sports events by going beyond the traditional

IME (Instituto de Los Mexicanos en el Exteriror) is a goverment branch from Mexico that takes care of issues outside of Mexico. This institution gives kids born from Mexican parents outside the country the opportunity to participant at events put on by Mexico officials.

TEAM IME-TKD has been established through this institution since 2010 using the event MEXGAMES to recruit athletes and coaches to the team. Since 2013 MEXGAMES were lost but TEAM IME-TKD kept moving forward with the leaderships of Master Octavio Villa, Master Elvis Chavez and help and support of several other Masters. Since then, TEAM IME TKD placed Top 10 in 2014 and Top 15 in 2015. 

For more information, contact us at: mexgamestkd@gmail.com