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2019 Binationals Taekwondo Games

Hotel Options:

The following hotel suggestions are near the venue.

Hampton Inn by Hilton Tijuana (Avenida Universidad 1951-133, Col. Otay Universidad CP, 22427 Tijuana, B.C.)
City Express Junior (Lazaro Cardenas Blvd 16002, Otay Sección Universidad, 22427 Tijuana, B.C.)
Fiesta Inn Tijuana Otay Aeropuerto
Gamma de Fiesta Inn Tijuana (also in Otay)

Housing for Athletes/Coaches:

Coaches and athletes (those staying with the team), will either stay at a hotel or at the dorms at the venue. We won’t know until we arrive of where exactly we are staying – very normal for this event. We recommend parents book their hotel somewhere near the venue, unless you’re familiar with Tijuana.