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Helpful Tournament Things

E-Productions was created to enhance the overall tournament experience. With over 14 years working, overseeing and managing events, one of the key differentiators of our team is that we've been in all the roles possible at tournaments - from spectator, athlete, coach, volunteer, referee, tech, and organizing committee.
Our Services: Tournament Operations, Tournament Committee, Marketing, Administrative Guidance/Support Electronic Scoring Systems, Vendor Contacts.​

E-Productions was founded to make a more enjoyable environment for our athletes, coaches and spectators. Our mission is to provide a unique experience for Taekwondo events. We strive to produce and run operations for events as smoothly as possible. With our founder having extensive experience as a banquet chef, he brings many logistics and operational skills to our martial art. Then we expanded by bringing you one of the best PSS systems in the world, Daedo Truescore, for tournament rentals and also equipment sales.

We will also be introducing our new eTournaments product for bracketing. From registration, credentials, brackets to results report.